Be a Butterfly. Or a Cup, Whichever Makes You Happier…

ImageThis teacup reminds me of people. Yup. People. Because when I saw this cup, I said, “Oh goodness, that could break in a heartbeat.” It’s fragile and fleeting. Just like us. But instead of talking about how fragile life is the way I’ve done before, I want to talk about how fragile the heart is. 

Isn’t it crazy what we do? We entrust ourselves to other people, showing them the deepest secrets of our hearts. We give them a piece of our soul, trusting that they won’t dash it to pieces. And some get away with this maneuver without any scratches, but the vast, vast majority of people get chipped.

Even if that person doesn’t break your heart, they will still disappoint you. It’s a fact of life. We fail. All the time. So if you think of your heart as the little cup I have above, as you go through life, it accumulates scratches, little imperfections that affect who you are and who you become. 

So you could try to hide yourself in your closet and escape all the hurt that you know you will face if you venture into the world. You could promise yourself that you would never trust another human soul again. But I think that sounds really boring. And just plain sad. We are loving creatures. We were made to be in communion with other people, as painful as that can sometimes be. 

And besides all that, without pain, we can never experience the most beautiful joys either. It’s a risk that we have to take, but the fact that we risk something makes the reward all the more fulfilling. 

The other analogy I have here is that of a butterfly. How many of us have heard that we’re never supposed to touch a butterfly’s wings because if we hurt one of the scales, it will kill the butterfly? Now, I have no idea of the scientific accuracy of that statement, but the fact still remains that butterflies are fragile. But they are beautiful. Trusting people puts you in that vulnerable place. And yes, they could hurt you, and many do. But it’s still beautiful. 

Epylle Spydre


p.s. Photo credits to my sister, who has a blog too!


Paper Faces on Parade

Have you ever realized how fake we are as humans? We are broken, and we fail, but we still try to create a mask for ourselves. We try to cover up the fact that we fail, and we say we’re okay. If you’ve been on facebook or anywhere on the internet, you’ve probably seen those memes that say, “You know what the biggest lie people say is? ‘I’m fine.’ ” And it’s probably true (even though those memes get annoying after awhile).

I feel like it’s especially  hard as teenagers, because there’s just something about high school that makes everybody judge each other. We’re growing up, trying to find out who we are, and high school is shaky ground to be in during that stage. So when we fail or even feel hurt, we don’t like to tell people. We put on the facade that we are completely and totally fine. We try to match each person’s definition of perfection, But the thing is, when we do that, we don’t even know who we are anymore. We lose ourselves in the effort to show outward perfection.

And while it’s annoying and burdensome to tell everyone your troubles, it’s good to have at least one person to talk to. To be vulnerable. And that’s hard. Because it takes trust. See, the other thing about human brokenness is that we fail each other, and that makes it hard to trust and be trusted.

But the beautiful part is when you do open up and become vulnerable. Not just when you do it, but when someone chooses to trust you. It is so precious. And then, I wonder about the people who keep absolutely everything reigned in. The people who give off a totally confident vibe but who may be insecure as anything on the inside. I mean, they are the ones who inspired this blog post.

So, I’m not trying to say, “Go out and find a person to talk to!” I mean, you should, because you could probably benefit from that a ton. But also try to remember that while you may feel like you’re going through a lot, there are other people who are going through a lot. And you don’t even know it. I don’t know it. The only way anyone can know anything is if that person decides to trust someone with their story. Remember the masquerade.

Epylle Spydre