The Sky: A Poem

Hey guys, I’m going to be different today and post a poem that I’ve been working on. I’ve always loved the sky, and one day, when I had paper, a pen, and some free time, I decided to start writing about it. I would not call myself a serious poet, but I did have fun with this, so I thought I’d share with you. 

If words could paint,
Or letters dye,
My masterpiece would be the sky.


On my canvas,
So pure and clean,
I would start with a dab of green.


For what could show
The sky’s immensity
Than a tree’s propinquity?


Next to come
Would be more hues,
Red and orange, and some blues.


A sunset shown,
What greater lens
To display the sky with a few pens?


The clouds are next,
Though vapor in essence,
Stand sharp against the colors, as if with substance.


The fluffy white,
Shaped by God,
But sometimes black with rain, for sod.


And finally, the sun,
That golden, glowing sphere,
Spreading its warmth and dissolving all fear.


Heating and lighting,
Proud and strong,
We also praise it with the song.


Yes, I would paint the sky.
For I am keen
To capture its glory on a canvas clean.


But alas, I cannot paint,
And even if I could,
I could not capture
The sky.


Not with the canvas clean,
Nor with a beauteous melody,
Not even with words on a page.

~Epylle Spydre


picture taken by my sister, as usual. 🙂




Sunrise, Sunset

Hey guys, today I’m not philosophizing as much. I’d like to call it “marveling”. Have fun with what you think I mean by that word while I start.

Each day has a glorious entrance of a sunrise. Pinks, purples, and gold wash over the sky, and that’s when the birds start singing and the day looks as if it will be wonderful. Of course, most days often hold a whole lot of badness in them, but they also hold a whole lot of goodness in them. Just think about it, even on your worst days, there’s always something you can be thankful for: your one, true love; your family; your job; some sort of comfort food; your house; your dog. I don’t know. Just having the gift of life is a blessing, but, unfortunately, a lot of people tend to forget that. But I’ve digressed too much. The point is that there’s always something good in the world. And the world is exactly what I want to look at.

We tend to take soooo many things for granted. Sorry grammar nazis, but I had to put in all those o’s to make my point. The world is so beautiful if you just take a good look at it. The sky is literally everywhere, the sun gives life to practically everything on the planet, and then there’s beautiful rain. Just take a look outside your window, and take in everything. And I haven’t even mentioned all the exciting things that populate our planet. Fantastic trees, gorgeous flowers, even the grass has its own beauty. There are lions in Africa, tigers in India. There are  elephants, octopi, eagles, snakes. They each have their own majesty. Even bacteria, some of the smallest living things on Earth, have their own little perks and intricacies. There is one bacteria that can create tiny magnets inside of its body from iron in its environment. Is that cool or what?

And the greatest mystery of all is the human race. Have you ever thought about how crazy it must be that we can communicate? How did our ancestors manage to create words for things, not to mention verb tenses, writing, even punctuation?! It’s crazy, if you think about it. And there’s not just one language for the whole human race. There are thousands of languages. And on top of that, there’s science. And history. And math. And music. And art. And… The list could go on and on. The human race is very remarkable indeed.

So, back to “marveling”. Do you understand what I mean now? The world is just absolutely fantastic, and it’s amazing! And even when it feels like NOTHING is going right, there’s still something good in the world. And thus, the sun sets. The birds go back to their nests, nestling their chicks under their wings. The cicadas and grasshoppers come out to sing their evening songs. The moon says hello to the world, and the stars twinkle at us, helping to close our heavy eyes….

Sorry, couldn’t resist a little poetry.

Epylle Spydre

p.s. the title is a reference to the song “Sunrise, Sunset” from a musical called “Fiddler on the Roof”. It’s a good musical, go listen to the music on youtube 😀