Everyone Can Lead

So I don’t have a traditional post today. You see, I wrote an essay for a scholarship, but to get to the next level, I need to promote it via social media and such. So here I am, promoting it! Yay! Feel free to share it as well; that would be spiffy.

However, more than getting a chance to earn money, I really would love for you all to read the post. Because I’m actually pretty passionate about this issue, and I wrote this essay as if I was writing for this blog. So, if you like my writing, you just have to put in a little bit more effort to click the link that I have posted down below to read it!

So more than anything, I’d like you to read it. Comment down below or on facebook or text me or something if this struck a chord with you. If you disagree, feel free to share that as well. I’m always up to hear an opposing viewpoint. And if you feel inclined, “vote” for this by sharing it on facebook or twitter or wherever. Thanks guys!


One thought on “Everyone Can Lead

  1. Kathleen Meeks says:

    Really liked your essay. Keep on your own path – it is working and your blog is an important “voice” to write and to be read by others.

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