Why Frozen is Everyone’s New Favorite Disney Movie

Hi friends! You’ve probably heard of Frozen, Disney’s newest movie based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story, “The Snow Queen.” All of my friends were telling me that it was such a good movie, and I wanted to know why everyone was so excited about it. So when we had a snow day on Friday, I decided to go see it with my sister. And well… now I know why everyone loved it so much. And it’s really quite beautiful, so I decided to write a post about it. (SPOILER ALERT: I will talk about the movie. So if you haven’t seen it, GO WATCH IT NOW. Okay?)

Okay, so I’ve already written about how there are a lot of really annoying things about Disney’s movies in these two posts. So my first post is “where Disney went wrong,” but this is “where Disney got it right.” 

Let me start off with my biggest pet peeve: the unrealistic display of love at first sight. It really annoys me, because while I understand that it does happen, it doesn’t happen very often. And yet, it was in a lot of Disney movies. But not in Frozen! Kristoff thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that Anna was engaged to Hans, and he even says that he doesn’t trust her judgment because of it. Personally, I was in the movie theatre thinking about her engagement saying, “Really? Really? Oh well, I guess I’ll have to deal with it. What else can I expect from Disney?” And then comes Kristoff’s reaction, and it’s like, BAM! Take that love at first sight! 

Not only that, but they didn’t sugarcoat love either. In the song, “Fixer upper,” the trolls admit that WE AREN’T PERFECT. Crazy, right? They also say that love brings out the best in people, but (here’s another big thing), you’ll never be able to truly change a person. You can change little things, but you can’t change who they are. A lot of times, we have unrealistic expectations for others, especially when it comes it to love. But we’re all fixer upper’s, so it’s okay. 

But the best part of Frozen is the ending. The idea that true love doesn’t just refer to romantic love is so, so powerful. Anna and Elsa were not defined by their romantic relationships. Anna was looking for true love, thought she found it, then found it but didn’t realize it. But in the end, the true love that saved her was the love she shared with her sister. And having a sister that I’m really close to made that an incredible emotional experience for me, so yes, I did cry, and not just at the obvious place.

I heard somebody say Frozen was about female empowerment because the girls are smart and the guys either talk to reindeer or are pretty much evil (or a snowman). But it’s not that. It’s that the girls didn’t need the guys to save them, and they didn’t need the guys to define them.

These two articles also talked about how amazing Frozen is, saying somethings that I didn’t think of and can’t really talk about with feeling like I’m plagiarizing. So here ya go:



If you’re a girl and have a sister, watch Frozen with her. If you don’t have a sister, watch it with your best friend. If you’re a guy, watch it and be happy with your female friends and family. Because Frozen really was that good.


Epylle Spydre

One thought on “Why Frozen is Everyone’s New Favorite Disney Movie

  1. Kathleen Meeks says:

    Like your review. It sounds like a realistic fairy tale for the present day.

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