Making a Mark

Today’s my blog’s first birthday! Yay! Image

I think this calls for some reflection. I started this blog first and foremost to get me into the mindset of writing for stuff other than school (which would hypothetically help me to write essays for college applications). But I also started this blog because I figure the contents of my brain are somewhat similar to a mythical creature to other people. I just think about different things in different ways than others, especially those my age. And I had this crazy notion that you all might want to read that. And then the notion gets even crazier as I have the gall to believe that my blog might actually help people. But it’s really just me being me, hoping that my posts are somewhat thought-provoking or encouraging in some sort of way. Because it’s not about me, although writing like this has helped me find my voice, which definitely will help with college apps. But that’s just an added benefit. 

So have I succeeded in this year? I think I have. I always love those moments that are few and far between when people tell me that they enjoy reading my blog. Those just make my day. Or when I get an email saying that another person is following me or getting a bunch of likes on a post I felt proud about. Those are the moments that show me that I may not be the most frequent blogger, but that I am still making a mark on the world, as small as that mark might be. And that makes me content. 

So thank you, for reading this. Whether you’ve been with me since the beginning (exactly one year ago!), or whether you have just recently come, I welcome you. I pray that I will still be able to think and write and bless people. I really do hope it’s refreshing. 

Thank you, and have a wonderful cool glass of lemonade.

Epylle Spydre

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