The Beauty of Animals: A Tribute


Today, I lost an animal very dear to my heart. We’ve had Ginger, the guinea pig, for about three years, and she died today. We don’t think she suffered long, but it’s hard to say good bye to her. But instead of thinking about how sad I am, I’m trying to think of all the happy moments that made being her friend special for me.

For example, I spent an entire summer doing online geometry with her on my lap, earning her the nickname, “Geometry Guinea Pig” or “GG Pig” for short. She shed everywhere, and she was more than a little overweight. But that just made her all the more adorable. She was my movie buddy and my cuddle buddy. You see, Ginger was always “my” guinea pig. I mean technically, she was the family’s, but she always loved me the most. I remember when we first adopted her and her sister, Lulu, from one of my sister’s friends. Lulu (who died a while ago) was the adventurous, spunky one, and we could immediately see that she had character. But Ginger was being meek and shy in her little box. The girl who was giving them to us said, “Yeah, Ginger will be shy for a long time. But once she gets to know you, she’ll be your best friend.”

You see, there’s something really beautiful about animals. Animals are much simpler creatures than us, and they don’t care about all the things we care about. Thus, they are some of the world’s best lovers. Humans still have them beat, but that’s because an animal’s love is different from a human’s love. 

You see, animals don’t care what you’ve accomplished or not accomplished in life. They don’t care what you look like: what color skin you have or what you dress like. They don’t care what transgressions weigh on your soul. All that matters to an animal is whether or not you love them. And if you do, they show you love in return. Animals aren’t judgers; they’re lovers. It’s as simple as that. And that is what makes them so very dear to us. 

One thought on “The Beauty of Animals: A Tribute

  1. italianmangd says:

    she was a sweet one.

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