Friendship: Precious

I was looking at my “tag cloud” yesterday, and I was surprised to find out that I haven’t blogged about friendship. So, that is exactly what I am going to do today, because friendship really deserves to be blogged about.

Photo: About 10 minutes ago, I was just overwhelmed by the realization of how incredibly blessed I am to have all of you. I really do have the most precious, beautiful friends, and I'm so incredibly thankful for you. Thank you all, for everything; this quote is for you. :)(I found this picture on google, so please don’t eat me for any copyrights issues or whatever.)

I love this quote. I really do. It’s so beautiful, because it’s so true. We don’t need friends, as much as we would like to believe we do. But it’s part of our nature to be companions, and friendship truly does give life value.

I just finished a rough year. I had to leave my school, where I was comfortable with the people I had known for 4 years, and go to a place where I knew only a handful of people. I don’t want to go into all the specifics of it, but it was a difficult transition for me. I shed more than a few tears. Thankfully, I was able to get involved with the drama department with our fall play, The Crucible. Those people were my first real friends at my new school, and at Thanksgiving Dinner, I said that I was thankful for the drama department. 

And when a new girl came halfway through the year, I was able to empathize with her situation, and now we’re really close friends. And one time, we were talking, and she said something just really, really nice. I can’t really explain why, but it truly touched me. And in that moment, I was overwhelmed with the realization of how blessed I was to have her and all of my friends. That’s when I found the C.S. Lewis quote, because I wanted to share with them what they meant to me. 

Friendship is precious. So, so very precious. To have people to travel with on this journey through life is truly wonderful. To have people who see you for who you are and love you despite of the good, bad, and the ugly they see is amazing. I just feel so blessed because all of the people in my life, so thank you. I think I’ll end with something I said (instead of using C. S. Lewis’ words) to a friend one time:

“It’s not about whether you deserve it or not. When you care about someone, it no longer becomes about whether they deserve what you’re giving them. You give it to them because of who they are, despite any mistakes or flaws. Because we all make mistakes, and we all have flaws. And you still care about them.”

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