A Place To Call Home

I know I haven’t been on in a while, and I’m sorry. So when I found an assignment that I legitimately liked, I decided that I would post it. The assignment is basically to fill in the the phrase, “I’m from”, with details and stories about your life in a poetic manner. Here is mine.

I’m from an apartment in Antalya,
The sunny city on the Mediterranean Sea,
And from swimming in the clear waters,
Clear enough to see all the fishes.
I’m from living a floor below my best friends, Laura Damla and her brothers.
Playing with them while the grownups had church.
And my other best friend, Talya,
And the time she fell off the banister and cracked her head open.
Good bonding time, that.


I’m from the pink house by the sea,
The Black Sea, to be exact,
Where we would go swimming with our neighbors
And one time, burying dead jellyfish that got washed ashore,
Marking their grave sites with sticks so that people wouldn’t get stung.
I’m from chasing the chickens back across the street,
Because if we didn’t, Zahra, the dog next door, would kill them.
I’m from going to the school down the road,
Where I thought I was so cool because I would jump off the swings and “fly”.


I’m from an apartment in Samsun,
(Still near the Black Sea),
On the top floor,
Where, if I looked down,
I was so afraid of falling into the street below.
I’m from taking walks with our housekeeper/babysitter, Gamze Teyze,
Hanging upside down on the monkey bars and getting ice cream.
I’m from doing science experiments with my dad
And learning about the birth of the United States with my mom:
Lessons filled with silk worms and yelling at the British,
Being excited that I could spell “preposterous” as a 3rd grader,
And almost running out of books to read.


I’m from a row house in Ambridge,
Right next door to my new best friends, Emily and Natalie,
And right next door to them was the park
Where we pretended we were superheroes or practiced cartwheels.
Or our other good friends, Lily, Timo, and Peter,
Who liked to play Lord of the Rings role-playing games.
I’m from my first years in public school,
Not knowing what sarcasm was,
Or being one of the four girls that didn’t watch the scary movie at the big slumber party.
I’m from still being a huge book worm
And reading at lunch when I should have been socializing with people.


I’m from the Van Dyck House in Fairfax,
The rectory of Truro Church,
By far my favorite house of all.
I’m from going to the homeschool group at Truro,
Where I met Sarah,
Who nurtured an obsession of Harry Potter in me,
Dressing up in her mom’s dresses
And pretending we were at the Yule Ball.


I’m from the old house on Edwards Ferry Rd.,
Here, in Leesburg,
Right across the street from cows,
The horses, Chaps and Diamonte,
And the peacocks:
James George Joseph Teal III, his wife, Samantha Jane, and later Henrietta
(all christened by my siblings and me)
I’m from a transition to public school (again),
Which led to getting into AoS and the best friends I could have.
I’m from the new concept of “late nights” as I started high school,
Which Mr. T, my science teacher, contributed to a lot.
I’m from being transformed from an awkward caterpillar
Into a (still clumsy, but less awkward) butterfly.


I’m from the house we moved into a year ago.
I’m from changing schools and making new friends,
Something I’ve had to do a lot over my life.
But I’m also from my closest and deepest friendship
With my little sister and shadow, Tara.
I’m from my blog,
Every day, asking what to write about,
Yet somehow pulling off a philosophical musing that sounds great.
I’m from being given the chance to show love to my friends
And crying over things for no reason.
I’m from days looking for the sun,
And it finally feeling like home when I found it.
Only 2 more years, and then off to college
And another place to call home.


4 thoughts on “A Place To Call Home

  1. Sarah S says:

    Brianna I love this!

  2. I just read this, but it was BRILLIANT. I wish I had an assignment like this. But I am quite literally touched. You’re lovely. That is all.

  3. Mrs. C says:

    I can truly say that as I read what you submitted, I too was moved. I enjoy, thoroughly, reading your writing.

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