I challenge you!

Okay, I just had a stressful evening, and I know that I should work right now. Once again, I am writing when I should be working. But I really want to write. If I can do anything, it’s right. And so, here I am, sitting at my computer, trying to come up with something to make me feel better. Alas, I have found my inspiration. Today, my little brother prayed that “all the homeless kids would get Christmas presents and that no one would be lonely on Christmas.” It honestly touched my heart. It touched me so deeply that I cried, though I’ve been crying a lot the past couple days, so I was probably close to tears anyways. But it was just kind of beautiful to see how it’s instinctual to us that Christmas be a season of love and happiness, a time to be with the people you love to enjoy giving and receiving gifts. Christmas is supposed to be a season of love and it just doesn’t make sense for people to be alone.

The sad thing is that, more often than not, neither of those things happen. People rush to and fro, trying to buy the perfect gift for their friends and families. I don’t know about y’all, but I noticed that Thanksgiving got jipped this year. Everything and everyone was so focused on Black Friday, it was crazy, even more so than in years past. And Christmas remains a season of lights–all trying to outshine one another. Why has it become so competitive and selfish? Seriously guys, Christmas is a birthday celebration. A celebration of a boy BORN IN A MANGER. If that’s not humble, I don’t know what is. I’m sorry, I don’t want to rant.

This season is a season of love. Love is truly at its heart, but we forget that. Because of what my brother said, I want to go out in the streets on Christmas day and just give candy canes to people who look lonely. Maybe I’ll actually do it, maybe I won’t. But I”m definitely going to try to keep an eye out for people in these last few days of school before break. This country, not to mention the world, is going through a lot right now. Imagine what it would be like if we all just stopped and decided to go out of our way to be nice to someone. Or forgive an enemy. Or just smiled at somebody. I am officially challenging myself and ALL OF YOU to try to make someone’s day every day before Christmas. It could be anything. Compliment someone. Smile. Sit next to that lonely kid in class. Notice I don’t say “make someone’s day”, it’s impossible for us to know that what we do is going to be the highlight of someone’s day…. But what if it is?

It’s not going to be easy. But I think we can do it.

Epylle Spydre

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