Going beyond logic

Hey guys! So, at my school, I’m in an ethics/philosophy club. It’s a TON of fun, ’cause we have a bunch of nerdy, intelligent people debating the fuzzy areas of ethics. So, the other day, we were talking about the origins of ethics and why we have them in the first place. I tried to make a semblance of an argument, but I’m really not very good with coming up with words right on the spot nor am I a good arguer. But then I started really thinking, and so this blog post will be the result of said reflection.

At ethics club the other day, one person asked, “Well, if only people have ethics, and we’re more intelligent and logical than animals, then do ethics come from logic?” My answer is a resounding NO! Now, to illustrate my point. 

Turn on the radio to a random station, and what will you probably hear? That’s right, love songs. That’s because there are so many people either in love, out of love, or waiting to be in love. These songs tell us that love is the ultimate goal. Disney movies tell us that love is the most powerful thing in the world. Sometimes it just seems like we’re all going around in the world searching for this seemingly unattainable goal. Why, as a species, are we so obsessed with love? It just doesn’t make sense. And it’s not just romantic love, but also familial love and the love we feel for our friends.

And when this love is real and true, it really CAN be one of the most powerful things in the world. Think of the people who sacrifice themselves for a loved one. That most definitely is not logical. See, that’s where the real difference is between us and animals. We are loving creatures. True, there are some animals, like elephants, that show true grief. Some monkeys groom each other as a way of showing companionship and bonding. I’ve heard that mother partridges pretend that they’re injured as a decoy to save their chicks.

But we’re still a species of LOVE. And I believe that THAT is where our ethics come from. Ethics are different from morals in that they are universal. Everybody can have their own values and morals, but ethics are something universal. In other words, ethics are something HUMAN. And I believe that they come from our ability to and affinity for love. Love doesn’t rely on logic; it’s about other people rather than just serving yourself. Ethics are the same, because they involve not always doing what may be best specifically for you, but what’s best for society or even what may better for just one person. Because the desire for love and serving others is something so beautifully human. It goes beyond logic. It’s love.

Enjoy your lemonade,

Epylle Spydre

p.s. I thought this picture added a dramatic effect to the post 😀


borrowed from: http://bonfirehealth.com/unconditional-love-chemical-benefits/

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