A Window into the Soul

Why hello there! Okay, so I’m not going to rant about politics. I am SICK and TIRED of all the HATIN’ that’s going around. Seriously guys, can’t we act like adults here? Okay, rant over. On the other hand, I have recently acquired a great deal of time. Yay for me! But, saying that makes me think of a song that I’m singing in Choir called No Time. This song is superbly beautiful. I really can’t describe how beautiful it is and no youtube clip can show you what I experience when I get to be a part of singing it. It’s ephemeral. Surreal. Gorgeous beyond all comparison. When we’re singing, I just get so caught up in the beauty of it, and, according to my friend, I get super expressive. Like, he tells me everyday that I was being really expressive (the fact that other people aren’t letting the joy translate to their face is what makes me special, that’s why it’s significant). But yeah. “Beautiful” doesn’t describe it well enough.

Now, I’m a writer. You figure out your art form by what you can create, and not by what you copy or appreciate. I am a writer, because words come naturally to me so that I can create with them. I’m not trying to be cocky here and say that I can create and blah blah blah, but words are my medium, so to speak. I am not a musician. But I love music. And not just in that cheesy “I know more song lyrics than everything I’ve learned in all my school years combined” way that you see on facebook. I love music because, while I may not be able to create it, I can feel it. Art forms are about expressing the soul. And the really cool thing about music is that I have no idea how people are able to express their soul through it. But they do! And that is SO COOL! It’s so foreign to me, but I still get the “message”, so to speak.

Earlier today, I was listening to the wonderful tribute by Hans Zimmer, “Aurora”. This song is said to express what words cannot: the loss and pain felt by all who heard about the tragic Aurora shooting incident in the summer. The pain and loss, but also the hope. The hope that the world isn’t so bad after all. The hope that we can rebuild and be better than we were before. It is not easy to express that hope. But Hans Zimmer did it. The musician who wrote “No Time” also expresses that hope. The song goes, “Rise, oh fathers, rise. Let’s go meet ’em in the skies. We will hear the angels singing in that morning.” AH! Words and music coming together in a blissful reaction that creates such a surreal feeling. GAHH this is difficult to express. See. Sometimes words aren’t enough. Sometimes only music can express what we feel. Or, it might be a water color. Or a dance. Or theatre. Art forms express the soul. Give me pen and paper, but give my sister a brush and canvas. Or give Hans Zimmer an empty sheet of music. We are communicating creatures. And because we are all human and feel similar things, art does another thing: it goes beyond just us. It transcends our own personal, exact feelings on the subject and instead touches on the vast database of human emotions. But only if it is real. In a world jaded by lies and  half-truths, we find solace in the true expressions of WHO WE ARE. When people express from the heart, it is real. And other people can see that. We recognize the truth for what it is. Art is truly a window into the soul.

Have a lovely night,

Epylle Spydre

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