I once was Blind, but now I See

I am intrigued by the gift of sight right now. I have needed glasses since I was 8, and my eyes get worse every year. I’ve known that it wouldn’t be totally crazy if I was completely blind someday. Of course, with technology the way it is, I could easily sidestep that issue. But it still haunts me in a way. Now that is not what led me to talking about sight today. That’s a different story that probably wouldn’t be very exciting. The point is that I was thinking about sight and blindness and that is what I’m gonna talk about today.

In Madeleine L’Engle’s genius of a book, A Wrinkle in Time, the main character, Meg, meets creatures from a distant planet who doesn’t have eyes. This alien and all her alien friends and relatives have lived their whole lives without sight and have no idea what it’s like to have sight. It’s an intriguing concept: living for so long without something that you have no idea what it would mean not to have that. Maybe there’s some 6th sense out there, but we have never had it and have no idea what it’s like to have that. But we don’t need it. We have learned to adapt. But this is all hypothetical anyways.

But there is more than one way to be blind. A lot of times, people will use the term, “spiritually blind”. These are the people who think they know where they’re going with their spiritual life, but they really don’t. It’s not necessarily cockiness, these are the people who are just blind. Spiritually lost would be a synonym. It makes me think of the song, “Amazing Grace” which is where I got the line that inspired the title: I once was blind, but now I see. Nobody starts their life out in perfect light, we all have a journey to travel. We all start out in darkness, but the reward of light and spiritual sight is so worth the journey. So I could be physically blind, but that won’t matter to me, because I’ve received my sight. And that’s nothing to do with me, but all to do with my Savior, Jesus Christ. I don’t want to sound all “religiousy” and stuff, I’m just telling the honest truth. Like I said, nobody starts out in the light. Jesus loves us, no matter how imperfect we are. And that is the truth. You are loved by God. Not just loved. Adored. I don’t mean to sound cliche or fake. Love is the truth. God is love, and from God comes truth. So truth comes from love. And as a thinker, I spread truth, not lies.


Epylle Spydre

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